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For Immediate Release: January 24, 2019

Contact: Jesse Cecchetto

Agency: DashAir

Telephone: 416-976-1234

Fax: 504-678-1912


DashAir Celebrates its Five Year Anniversary on January 24th

January 24, 2019 Hamilton, ON – In celebration of DashAir’s five great years in the industry, a special cake-cutting ceremony is being held at the Hamilton airport terminal from 1 to 3p.m. DashAir CEO Curtiss Piper and Hamilton’s Mayor, Fred Eisenberger, will both be in attendance.

Five years ago, DashAir had its very first flight from Hamilton to Ottawa. Since then, DashAir has served over 2.6 million passengers and completed over 56,000 flights, and sets new standards for air travel in Canada. DashAir has always been focused on creating affordable and safe travel options for Canadian’s while making air travel fun again.

By using less expensive regional airports, DashAir is able to provide affordable prices for GTA residents while providing passengers with a fun ‘old-style’ inflight service featuring good hot food and a complimentary in-flight bar and drink service.

“DashAir is helping to put Hamilton on the map as one of Ontario’s most convenient and livable cities. What’s more, the company’s expansion plans, which included a recently completed $22 million air terminal, have created employment for local residents,” said Eisenberger.

“Five years marks an incredible milestone for our little airline,” said Piper. “Since our very first flight, DashAir has continued to provide GTA residents with affordable travel, quality service, and most importantly, we’ve made air travel what it was always intended to be once again; fun.”

With 125 employees and a fleet of 15 airplanes, DashAir offers passenger service to Kingston, Winnipeg, Windsor, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec. DashAir has maintained a great safety record and plans for future expansion in North Bay, Huntsville, Sudbury, Thunder and possible U.S routes.

About DashAir: Since 2014, DashAir has provided cheap and safe travel for residents in the Greater Toronto Area. With exceptional meals, in-flight complimentary bar and drink service, and an ‘old style’ in-flight experience, DashAir makes flying fun again. To learn more about DashAir, please visit


Contact us at our Hamilton Office, 178 Common Street, Hamilton, ON

DashAir on Facebook, email us at or visit us at

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